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  1. 77thSOUND

    Henry: "Australiasia" 38:10

  2. abbie greene x

    henry was on straight smoke lmao

  3. coco


  4. WhyAlwaysMe1888

    56:13 emmanuel adebayor celebrates against arsenal

  5. Kirsty White

    24:10 I have a suspicion that Harry might be dyslexic 🤣

  6. Hannah B

    Harry is looking ace

  7. Daniel Guzman

    What is the real score without eanthen because they had more point

  8. Moray Shields

    Henry: “your music is not terribly loud it’s just terrible”. JJ: “Let’s have a look at your monthly listeners then”.

  9. Dibler

    1:53 vikk getting his second green card of his life

  10. Because WhyNot

    "Pronounciation" isn't a word "Pronunciation" is, however.

  11. Kueen Dezi

    Henry had NO CHILL 😂😂😂

  12. D 15

    JJ at 17:45. An anagram. "Say what??"

  13. michael johnson

    These ain’t no normal 10 year olds.

  14. MattGAMERzIR

    43:40 dang

    1. MattGAMERzIR

      And that was emz

  15. Kham 1

    Tobi's face at 14:55 got me

  16. Joe Brinton

    2:35 legendary stormzy quote

  17. Noah King

    I thought lilnaz x would come out the cage with the fire

  18. Jack Gamblin

    Lawrence is the best no 🧢

  19. Taher Motiwala

    This just shows how senseless our education system is because all of this stuff is forgotten by us after we graduate

  20. Shaun davies

    Long story short....no they are not 😂😂😂

  21. qt Nirze

    hp is the funniest dude

  22. The Busch

    I was dying when they read the able suffixes from jj

  23. C CF


  24. pavan gill

    no one ever actually knows who KSI is but they like his confidence

  25. Amos KARIUKI

    56:07 would make the best memes

  26. WhyAlwaysMe1888

    Henry has young conservative all over him

  27. Isabella Burlat

    34:25 lmfaooo Simon's last breath-

  28. Isabella Burlat

    34:15 dang I don't watch them much but these friendships :')

  29. Omjammeh PlayZz

    The youngest boy is soooo annoying

  30. Orochiッ


  31. VERON D S

    What travels faster Light or Sound I watched slow mo it was ksi who raised the hand first

  32. Rochelle David

    Henry is a tiny Phil

  33. Sasha K

    Anay and Henry gonna be MPs when they grow up ong

  34. Dashaun Paisley

    The NDL can't be silenced

  35. Pavle Simic

    Anyone notice how they spelt mischievous incorrectly with 'ious' on the end?

    1. Pavle Simic

      @Gabriel Pereira was just about to comment that as well haha

    2. Gabriel Pereira

      also, isn´t it "pronunciation" and not "pronounciation"?

  36. Giavanna M

    Am I the only one who wants to know if Henry has an Instagram

  37. Nikolas Mampe

    wow tobi did 377k steps dam

  38. Victor Aviet

    Oh JJ, All that forehead but not much brain

  39. Jayant Kumar

    Me doing GCSE’s this year and not knowing what the decimal equivalent to 9/2000

  40. Arfan Wiantara

    Henry's an absolute madlad

  41. Larni McNulty

    I love ur vids and stuff but Ethan Harold and vik were just being ungrateful as hell some people don’t have places to stay and there whining about the hotel they got .

  42. Amardeep

    No apelle teeth 😂😂😂😂

  43. Odd boy


  44. Yousef Rawas

    alternative title: the sidemen meet r/ksi

  45. Djdjdjdjhdhdhdjdhsjdjdnnn Fjdjdjdjdn

    Ethan: write down the most words with the suffix able Harry: thinks of disabled instantly

  46. s2btopew

    I swear my chest hurts everything these lot do a vid 🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  47. Hasnain838

    Yayaya pakistan 🇵🇰 big up pakistan

  48. Cudwl


  49. Forrest Bacon

    Vik is the weakest link

  50. Ben Espana

    knowlajide knowlatunji

  51. Darcey

    Them not swearing every 5 seconds is very weird to watch hahahah

  52. China ̲

    Sidemen best channel on youtube

  53. steve steve

    Henry definitely gets bullied

  54. Ziad Gamil

    The final 5 minutes were so intense!

  55. Magne Smidt

    2:03 The birth off a legend

  56. cr5ativename gaming

    JJ's album is literally called "DISsimulation" 🤣🤣🤣

  57. JJ H

    Ksi with the exact same haircut as a 10 y old girl is what i take away from this video

  58. HiSuper Bob

    They did get 1 million likes.......

  59. Mohamed Hijazi

    1:12:48 💀💀

  60. emilia lauren

    henry was on smoke

  61. Connor Burke

    If dude perfect was from the UK aka MatePerfect

  62. Epicboy SK

    The ginge needs to be sorted

  63. eviemay 1001

    The music is killing me 😭

  64. AAO Tube

    I actually learned a lot from watching every second of this video plus it was entertaining. SIDEMEN are the best NLname squad!

  65. Nasty Y'know

    51:40 😦 anyone else screaming Jasmine answer wasn't incorrect?

  66. sxmad

    Ethan really be looking like alfie sollomons from peaky blinders lool

  67. David Teasdale

    Glad I never went school with an Henry in me class....... 🙄

    1. wolvehampton wanderers18

      Lol ikr he tried to make everyone think he was so clever because he speaks in a posh accent

  68. Dukatelo

    r/ksi is gonna have a field trip with this one lol

  69. Ari_ Grande 13

    Everyone: laughing and focusing on the questions and answers Me: *wondering why simons shoes are off*

  70. Verdantplayer

    Imaging if adults get violated by 10 year old

  71. Mel Milsom

    try tell me vik doesn't look like jj's helper teacher

  72. Rulag

    this is jokes !!!!

  73. Adam Kola

    There is no way Ava is 10 when she stood up she was nearly as tall as ethan 😭

  74. Dan Smith

    Every single aspect of the mischievous question was wrong - Ethan pronounced it wrong, everyone spelt it wrong, and JJ still got a point. There's no i before the ou, it's just really commonly mispronounced

  75. big boy peaches

    Why is Henry a mini phill

  76. Slh edn

    What's wrong with Ethan's eyes ?



  78. Kevin Polak


  79. Billy Evans

    That Ava girl had the personality of a plank 😂